I’ve tried to compiled all questions you might have.

Know this, should you win
your fun is my first priority.



A: The opportunity to go on a vacation (with me) and creating an out of this world YouTube channel . Viral challenges, extreme sports, fine dinning reviews, spending spree and non stop socializing.
A: Mainly fun. Creating fun viral videos such as: original challenges, social experiments, food reviews, car testing, fun documenting, and… Using social media to actually be social. It's not about the money, it's about having real fun.
A: Likes don’t matters, only people. So if we are for example in Australia yeah? We can post a question on IG for all our Aussie followers to share the most embarrassing moments (or whatever, but it’s funny) and the best ones will be invited to join us for a day of jet ski paintball, or wine testing review or a night out.
A: Yes, I’m nuts but that’s off the point. The money doesn’t come from my own pocket but rather from the tickets sales. This is a skill based competition which cost money to participate. Money earned for tickets will fund this out of this world experience
A: Sure mate. It all comes down to the amount of tickets sold. Whatever I sell we spend (up to £100,000). This includes everything: Flights (for both of us), photographers and anything else to make it the best vacation you'll ever have.
A: 330 tickets will be the minimum. That means , at the worst, but really worst case we will have £15,000 to spend on one vacation. That’s enough money to have a shit load of fun. But I seriously doubt only 350 will be interested. Have you seen what I’ve planned?
A: I know what you’re thinking, “but what if I don’t manage to sell the minimum number of tickets?” A. Not going to happen B. but if it does, you’ll get a full refund Fair enough?
A: This is not a lottery or a free prize draw. It is a prize competition and the law says that to be in with a chance of winning, you must demonstrate your skill, knowledge or judgement. The law says that the question should be sufficiently difficult that a significant number of people either get the answer wrong or are put off entering. However, this means that the odds of winning actually increase for those who get the answer right.
A: Choose a destination → answer a question → pay → if you answered correctly you’ll be entering a pool where one will be selected at random.
A: I will be sad and you’ll lose your money. It’s actually a legal requirements. However, you would be more than welcome to try again. The amount of tickets one can purchase is limited to 2500.
A: Would you pass on the opportunity to create the best lifestyle ever, climbing the social ladder and having fun with people all over the world and staying a nobody just so you could have a few more bucks in your pocket?
A: Actually I don’t choose. I’ve developed an app that chooses someone at random from all the people who get the answer correct. The app’s code is open for everyone to inspect to see it’s actually choosing at random and I’m just choosing my best friend. Transparency is honesty
A: I’m NOT looking to maximize my profit by selling as many tickets as possible while hurting your chance to win. Less tickets mean better odds. By limiting the number of tickets sold it also means that you know the odds of winning before you enter. The only thing I can't be flexing on is the spirit of the vacation. meaning: Friendly, social and active
A: Can you make tickets cheaper? Lower price ticket means more tickets will have to be sold which means worse odds.
A: At worst is 1 in 2500. Let me explain: 1. There are only 2500 tickets available per destination. 2. Only participants who answer the question correctly get into the pool where one will be selected at random. 3. How many will get the answer wrong? At this point I don’t know. Hence, “at worst 1:2500”
A: If you liked what I’ve planned and think you think you’re going to have an awesome time I really don’t care about your age. Just know how to enjoy yourself. That’s what really matters. But 21 is the min so we won’t have any problems going to bars.
A: Yes, this is your own responsibility. Should you win, I will be happy to help technically on getting it. However, you must ensure you are eligible for a visa before entering the competition. If you do not get a visa for any reason you will have to withdraw from the competition and I will need to choose another winner. you can check following websites for visa requirements https://www.travisa.com/Visa_Search OR https://www.visahq.com/
A: Subject to availability, entries are limited to 2,500 per person but I seriously doubt tycoon will be interested in buying all tickets.
A: Yes, but you can only win one prize. If you win the prize for a second or more destinations you will forfeit the prize and receive a refund of your entry fees for the subsequent destinations.
A: No, if you buy tickets for multiple destinations and somehow you win twice (you lucky bastard) the second win will be cancelled and you’ll get a full refund of the fees you paid for that destination.
A: It’s your vacation. I’m very flexible. Nothing is mandatory. I’ve created and chosen activities to save you the trouble but if you have something on your mind. Speak up.
A: You can find this information on the specific section of every destination. But it general it can be flexible and if there is budget available it can be extended.
A: Yeah, no worries. We’ll be sleeping in different rooms. I’m sure you have cool pajamas and all... but I have no interest to see them
A: No you don’t have to, but if you want to drive a Ferrari you might get one.
A: Yes & No If you answer the question correctly - then of course you can ask for a refund but only up to a month prior to draw (so I will have enough time to re-sell your ticket) If you provide a wrong answer - then unfortunately a refund won’t be an option so make sure you answer correctly.
A: It’s a Prize competition which means you have to show skill to participate. And more importantly - It’s the law .
A: Whilst this may be disappointing, you have to remember that this is a competition and we have deliberately made the question tough to comply with the law. If you get the question wrong, you will not be entered into the draw so you will not have the chance to win the prize. You will not be entitled to a refund of your entry fees. If you want to, you can try again.
A: As you’ve noticed not all the vacations are available straight away. This was exactly on my mind so we will concentrate on selling tickets for each vacation in turn.
A: In this unlikely scenario you will be notified and be offered 2 options: 1. To get a full refund 2. To automatically transfer you to the next destination. For example: you bought a ticket to Australia but since there weren't many participants and Spain is now available, you can transfer into the Spanish destination draw.
A: Let me be clear. This is your vacation. Which means : You are going to get your own debit card with money in it. You’d be able to spend it as you see fit. The activities I have chosen are recommended but if for some reason you fancy doing other thing - fuck it. Let’s do it. If you want to change the whole essence of the vacation i.e not meeting new people. Not doing any social activities or challenges then this is not for you. The main focus of this vacation is people not money
A: That’s alright, some of my best friends are quiet introverts. The don’t like to be the center of attention. They enjoy very much to be part of the fun in their way. I don't expect you to
A: Mate, this is not the type of FAQs that answer this kind of question. I look divined but I ain’t god

The best vacation you'll ever have