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This particular winner selection process is quite amazing and fully transparent.
To be honest, I’m very proud of it (I’m pretty sure I’m the only one in the world to use it).

There are no judges who decide who wins, nor do you need to have the “right” look nor background story to win.

But most importantly, you don’t need to trust me.

You just need to understand how it works.
Winner will be selected randomly by a special app.

What makes it so special and why should you care? I will go into it in a few

This is a skill-based competition where you need to demonstrate your abilities by answering one question correctly.
Every competition has a limit of 2500 participants max.

Should you answer the question correctly, and only if you answer it correctly, you will be assigned a number. If you are the first to answer it correctly, you will be assigned the number one. If you’re the second to answer it correctly, you will be assigned with the number 2, and so on and so forth. Very easy.

Let’s use an example to make things even clearer. Say that out of those 2500 participants, only 600 gave a correct answer.
In this case, we’ll have a pool of 600 participants where one winner will be selected at random. Your chances of winning would be 600 to 1, which is not bad.

Then, the app will generate a random number between 1 and 600.
If your number comes up, you win. That’s it. It’s very simple.

Next, it’s time to talk about the technology behind the app and why it’s important to you in this process.
The app is essentially a smart contract deployed on the Ethereum blockchain (gibberish, I know).

Here’s what it means:

When I say “smart contract” I refer to the app that will select the winner (app=smart contract).

  1. Smart contracts are stored on a decentralized blockchain, which means no one controls it (not even me). Below you will find a link to my smart contract. You, and the rest of the world have 24/7 access to it.
  2. Smart contracts are transparent. This means you can check its code and its integrity. So when I tell you winner is selected at random, you can check for yourself if it’s actually random. There’s a fair chance for everyone to win no matter who you are.
  3. Once you deploy a smart contract, like I already did, you can’t modify the code. The only way to do so is by deploying it again. However, then it will be a different contract.
  4. The execution results of smart contracts are irreversible. This means that once a winner is selected no one, including me, can change the result.
  5. Results are also transparent so you will be able to see them for yourself. I will announce the winner, but you can double check it on the blockchain to see I didn’t make any mistakes.

Honesty though transparency. It’s as simple as that.


To check out my smart contract – click here

*Short version for people who don’t like to read (like me)*

A decentralize app will choose the winner at random.
This app is deployed on the blockchain.

Every step of this competition is 100% transparent.
It is absolutely impossible for nobody, including me, to tamper with results on any level.

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